About the shop

About Ulterra

ulterra is terra (all over the world) to ultra (really amazing)
It was born from the desire to deliver.
Ulterra will contribute to true abundance through the development and provision of products.

Trust and quality

something truly wonderful

At Ulterra, we not only develop products using carefully selected materials and careful finishing, but also
We utilize customer feedback in everything from planning to after-sales service.

Pursuit of quality and trust

All of our products are checked by hand one by one.
We ruthlessly reject products that do not meet our inspection standards, and continually make improvements to make them even higher quality products.

Ulterra's commitment

What we are particular about is "quality."
We will develop and deliver products that improve people's lives and bring smiles to their faces, not only in terms of product quality but also in terms of functionality.

Quick and courteous after-sales service

We value customer feedback, and we also value post-purchase support.
We strive to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers by responding quickly and courteously to problems with product usage and problems.

A constantly evolving brand

"Really great stuff"
What it is, a nightly discussion

In order to please our customers, we identified the cause of the failure and discussed future measures.
We have decided to take the next steps to improve quality by reviewing feedback from customers and reviewing each value chain process.

1. Build strong relationships of trust with craftsmen
Building a foundation to continually improve the appeal of the product itself

2. Employees inspect each item one by one.
Delivering only quality products to customers

Don't end it with a theoretical theory.

Focus on acquiring specialized knowledge and giving back to customers

In order to deliver high quality products to our customers,
We have collected specialized knowledge and established it in the field.
Currently, products are supervised and inspected by employees who have deepened their knowledge by learning from past manufacturers.