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[ulterra] Chain-Bracelet aul9004-si

[ulterra] Chain-Bracelet aul9004-si


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The elegant shine due to special processing has a great impact!

men's rope chain bracelet

A simple rope chain accessory that is easy to coordinate with any fashion or style. The surface is specially processed to give off a dazzling shine, and is sure to attract attention as an accent to men's fashion! This is a simple and slender stylish men's bracelet, so it goes well with both pretty and hard fashion.

ulterra rope chain bracelet

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A bracelet that shines brightly

The surface of the bracelet has been specially treated to give it a shiny and dazzling shine. Furthermore, the unique shape of a rope chain reflects light finely from all angles, making it a great impact!

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For those looking for something different

The chain of the chain bracelet is deliberately made of a rope chain. Rope chains are also a standard chain design, but the most popular chains for bracelets are Kihei chains and Azuki chains, so they are perfect for those who are looking for something different from the standard.

Rope Men's Chain Bracelet Thin Bangles Bracelet

Light enough that you don't feel stress when wearing it

Ulterra's chain bracelet weighs an astonishing 7.6 grams, so light that you'll almost forget you're wearing it. Of course, you won't feel any stress wearing it!

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Comes with a special jewelry box

All rope chain bracelets come with Ulterra exclusive jewelry boxes. It has a luxurious design that rivals the chain bracelet itself, so it is also recommended as a gift for men.

A simple and slender men's rope chain bracelet that goes well with any fashion style.

Bracelet Men's Accessories Silver Stainless Steel Chain Coordinating Style

This is a simple men's bracelet, so it goes well with any fashion. A men's accessory that goes well with both pretty and hard fashion. Of course, it is also perfect for accenting formal styles such as suits. It is also recommended to wear at parties such as gorgeous weddings. Of course, you can wear just one bracelet, but layering gold and silver is also fashionable.

Lightness that makes you feel no stress when wearing it and a shine that has an outstanding impact

Chain bracelet product overview

<Rope chain men's bracelet product overview>

・Total length…21.5cm



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