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[ulterra] Auto lock belt (Black) BB

[ulterra] Auto lock belt (Black) BB


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Unprecedented fit created by millimeter-level adjustments

ulterra auto lock men's belt

Since it is a one-touch auto-lock belt with no holes, the size can be adjusted in 5 mm width, which is finer than traditional men's belts. You can wear it comfortably with the perfect fit for any occasion.

Ulterra's "commitment" to auto-lock belts

Auto-lock belt Men's belt Men's belt Gentleman's belt

Unprecedented fit thanks to millimeter-level adjustments

Ulterra's auto-lock belt can be adjusted in 5mm intervals, so it's never too big or too small, so you can always wear it just right and comfortably.

Please try this comfort that can't be matched by conventional men's belts.

Gacha Belt Waist Rubber Belt Large Size Adjuster American Casual Western Metal Belt Waist Belt Men's Accessories Men's Accessories Replacement Belt Synthetic Leather

Design suitable for any occasion, from ON to OFF

We have a rich variety of 13 buckle designs.

Whether worn in a business setting such as a suit, formal or casual, the calm, simple and stylish design brings out the smart look of men.

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Made of carefully selected materials that are thick and durable

We use carefully selected PU material that has an appearance and texture that is very similar to natural leather.

It is thick and has excellent durability and scratch resistance, making it resistant to deterioration even after long periods of wear.

It also has the flexibility unique to PU material, so you can wear it without stress.

Casual Work Genuine Leather Golf Belt Golf Belt Men's Belt Men's Belt Large Size Belt Auto Lock Buckle Casual Belt

Belts for men of all generations

With its simple design, it can be used by men of all generations, from students to working adults to seniors.

We have a wide variety of belts for men, so you can find your favorite one.

Perfect for families such as fathers and sons, lovers, friends, etc. This item is perfect for a variety of occasions, such as birthdays and job celebrations.

Easy even for first timers. How to use an auto-locking men's belt

How to attach and detach the auto-lock belt

When removing the auto-locking belt, first move the lever with your fingers without pulling on the belt. Please note that if you move the lever while pulling the belt, the belt may not come off. Make sure to keep the lever moving and then pull the belt out.

It may be confusing at first, but you'll get used to it after using it a few times.

*If the auto-lock is magnetic, move the lever until you hear a click before pulling out the belt.

Size Adjustment Size Adjustment Adjustable Belt Size Autolock Autolock Belt Belt
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