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[ulterra] Silver-bangle aul9003-wi

[ulterra] Silver-bangle aul9003-wi


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Men's bangle accessories with popular motifs

silver color men bangle

The dagger has a sharp and edgy design inspired by a dagger, making it an excellent men's accessory that goes well with casual and hard fashion. The slim design does not give the impression of being as hard as the design, making it easy to match with a variety of men's fashions. In contrast, bangles with wing motifs have a graceful softness that goes well with simple coordination and unisex fashion.

feather wing wing
Leap, rise, grab freedom

[Wing] Tsubasa

The wing motif has been loved around the world since ancient times. Wings are necessary for birds to flap their wings, so they represent a leap, ascent, and freedom.

From there, it also contains messages such as making your hopes and dreams come true. There is also a legend that by being able to fly into the sky, it will further develop your strengths and hidden abilities, allowing you to make great progress.

accessories accessories men mens men

[Tsubasa] For men who love freedom forever

Bangles with a wing motif have the meaning of ``freedom'' and ``achieving one's goals,'' making them the perfect accessory for men who have goals they want to achieve. The unique softness of wings goes perfectly with simple men's fashion and unisex coordination! The slim design makes it easy to layer.

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