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[ulterra] Autolock-Belt aul1004-blf

[ulterra] Autolock-Belt aul1004-blf


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Overwhelmingly comfortable auto-lock belt with millimeter adjustment and soft PU leather

ulterra auto lock men's belt

Stress-free with 32 levels of adjustment without holes! Ulterra's auto-lock belt solves all common belt problems!

Ulterra's men's belt is a one-touch auto-lock belt with no holes, so the size can be adjusted in 5mm widths, which is finer than traditional men's belts. You can wear it comfortably with the perfect fit for any occasion.

Ulterra's "commitment" to auto-lock belts

Sliding belt, sliding shirt, pants, clothes, recruitment, business, casual, sliding buckle, commuting to work, school, practical, husband, boyfriend, father, high quality

An outstanding fit created by millimeter-level adjustments!

The secret to the perfect fit is the finely lined hooks on the back of the belt.

The number is 5 to 7 times that of a typical belt with holes. Also, the adjustment interval is 5 times finer.

Experience the perfect fit that can only be experienced with millimeter-level adjustment.

Free cut, one size fits all, denim chinos, dates, weddings, graduations, coming-of-age ceremonies, luxury, employment celebrations, school admission celebrations, family, friends, gifts, automatic click buckle

Reasons for choosing fake leather

Even genuine leather is thick and takes time to adjust to your body.

Ulterra emphasizes fit and rationality, and intentionally uses fake leather.

Made of PU material, which is highly durable and flexible even among fake leathers, it has a stress-free feel that fits your body from the beginning.

Gacha Belt Waist Rubber Belt Large Size Adjuster American Casual Western Metal Belt Waist Belt Men's Accessories Men's Accessories Replacement Belt Synthetic Leather

Auto-lock belt size and material

Belt length…approx. 120cm (suitable for waists of approx. 80-110cm)

*Sizes smaller than the above can also be cut and adjusted.


Material…PU leather

Genuine Leather 120cm Wide Genuine Leather Belt Black Belt Stylish Stepless Adjustment Father's Day Large Adjustable Length Black Auto-lock Long Easy

Comes with a special box, perfect as a gift

Ulterra's auto-locking belt comes with its own gift box, so it is recommended as a gift. Please use Ulterra's auto-lock belt on special occasions such as Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

Easy even for first timers. How to use an auto-locking men's belt

How to attach and detach the auto-lock belt

[① For lever type]...Do not pull the belt, but first move the lever with your fingers. Please note that if you move the lever while pulling the belt, the belt may not come off. Make sure to keep the lever moving and then pull the belt out.

[②For button type]...While holding down the button on the buckle, pull out the belt in the same way as the lever type.

Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Everyday Use, Business Trip, Office, Business Scenes, Driving, Travel, Stress-free, Easy to Adjust, Stylish

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