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[ulterra] Feather-Silver aul9002-si

[ulterra] Feather-Silver aul9002-si


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Product description

Bangle Bracelet Jewelry Accessories Men's Silver Feather Native Feather Indian
Introducing the feather bangle, a classic native men's accessory!

Native Men's Feather Bangle

Native accessories have long been a classic style that goes well with casual fashion as items that give a sense of masculinity. The size of the bangle is a bit thicker for men's bracelets, so it is a men's bangle with an outstanding presence.

Why has the feather motif remained popular for so long?

The great power contained in the eagle's feathers

Feathers are one of the most popular native accessories. There is a reason why feather motifs are so popular.

The feathers on this bangle are inspired by eagle feathers, which are considered extremely sacred by many Native American (Indian) tribes, and their feathers are considered to have great power.

This men's bangle embodies the idea that wearing a feather gives you power.

feather eagle eagle feather feather bangle
Brass American Casual Indian Eagle Bangle Rust-proof Rugged Simple Silver Large Thick Mens Bangle

Classic men's accessories

Introducing a feather bangle full of atmosphere from Ulterra! Native accessories have long been a classic item that goes well with casual fashion and give off a masculine feel. This accessory is easy to match with any fashion, from casual fashion such as American casual to dressy styles.

925 Silver Stainless Steel Gold Mens Silver Popular Silver Bracelet Navajo Men's Bracelet Bracelet Gold

Feather bangles that give you a masculine feel

There are various styles of men's accessories, such as simple styles and hard styles, but if you are aiming for a masculine impact, we recommend native styles. In particular, this feather motif bangle has been a classic item for a long time, so it blends naturally into your coordination without being too hard or conspicuous.

detail backside banguru banguru hane indian nature

Reliable shape that doesn't take care of the back side

Not only is the detail carefully decorated with the shape of an eagle feather on the front side, but the back side is also engraved with an arabesque pattern that symbolizes prosperity and longevity. The charm of this men's bangle is its carefully crafted shape that allows you to pay attention even to areas that cannot be seen.

Present Gift Bangle Men's Bracelet Feather Feather

Comes with exclusive jewelry box

All bangles come with Ulterra's original special box. Many people tend to forget where they put their accessories or lose them, but if you store them in a special box, you don't have to worry about that. In addition, the design of the jewelry box has a luxurious feel, so it is recommended as a gift.

2 variations of standard colors

gold bangle men fashion accessory

Image of wearing gold bangle

Gold leaves a gorgeous impression, adding a subtle glamor and accent to the simple men's fashion that has become mainstream in recent years. Compared to the silver color, it adds elegance and reduces the impression of hardness and ruggedness, so it is recommended that you enjoy changing it to match your fashion.

silver silver bangle men fashion accessory

Image of wearing silver bangles

Feather bangles, made in a simple silver color, leave a harder and more rugged impression than other native-style accessories that give a sense of masculinity. The color is extremely simple, so we recommend combining it with other items or layering it with a thin bracelet.

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