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[ulterra] Powerstone-Bracelet aul9005-m

[ulterra] Powerstone-Bracelet aul9005-m


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Exquisite color and power woven by three types of stones

power stone bracelet

[Tiger Eye] is said to attract wealth, obtain success, and control luck with money and work. [Black Obsidian] is said to cut off evil spirits and negative emotions and bring spiritual strength. [Hematite] Also known as the "stone that leads to victory", it is said to ward off danger and disaster, recover physical fatigue, and increase vitality. These three power stones will bring you luck in any situation.

Stone bracelet power stone power stone color power stone bracelet business bracelet men's

Mala bead bracelet combining three power stones

This is a bead-type men's bracelet that combines three popular power stones: tiger eye, black obsidian, and hematite. Detailed explanations of power stones are given below, but all of them are said to increase success, victory, and vitality.

bracelet rosary beads amulet stone luck amulet bracelet bracelet men

Luxury and calm colors

The calm and exquisite colors woven together by the three power stones make this a power stone bracelet that exudes a sense of luxury. This is a bead type bracelet that can be used by a wide range of men, from students to working adults.

formal casual fashion men men

Easy to match with any fashion

This men's accessory is sure to be useful not only as a lucky item for businessmen who live in a world of daily competition, but also as a casual and private fashion item.

Present Gift Gift Box Prayer Beads Raw Stone Natural Stone Bracelet Money Luck Goods Good Luck Goods Good Luck Bracelet

Comes with a special box and makes a great gift ◎

This men's bracelet also comes with a special jewelry box. This prayer bead bracelet is also recommended as a present or gift item for your loved one.

Power Stone Men's Bracelet Hematite Black Obsidian Tiger Eye

Size comparison of bracelet stones

Brasslet 10mm 1cm Stone Recommended Popular Prayer Beads Mennzu Men's

Stone size [10mm]

This is a bracelet with power stones measuring 1cm. Standard to slightly thick size.

Even just this one item will make a strong presence in your coordination.

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